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screw extruder machine
plastico Extrusora máquina

Extruder screw material requirements

August 29 , 2022

In various plastic production lines, the extruder is the core machine, and the screw is the key component of the plastic extruder, so the material of the screw must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc. It should also have the characteristics of good cutting performance, small residual stress after heat treatment, and small thermal deformation.

For the material of the extruder screw, high mechanical properties are required. It must have sufficient strength to adapt to high temperature and high pressure working conditions and improve the service life of the screw; in addition, good machining performance is also required. It should have good machinability and heat treatment performance. Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance and easy to obtain materials.

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